3 Ways to Change Male Voice to Female During Phone Call (2023)

Have you ever wanted to call someone with a different voice? Have you ever wondered what your voice would be like if you were a woman? There can be three reasons, so you have to stay with us till the end. If you want, you can talk to any girl and while talking, your voice will change to a girl. Many people demand it again and again that we can find something like this so that we can change our voice.

There are many reasons why you want to change male voice to female voice during a phone call or you want to joke with someone or someone has given you a challenge.

For one, you want to prank your friends using female voices just to see how they react. You may also want to change your voice to a female to call your girlfriend or spouse for fun meaning you will talk to anyone and your voice will sound like a girl.

In this guide, you will learn how to change male voice to female during a phone call and learn all about the best in-call voice changer apps for Android and iPhone devices that you can use. Best for.

How Change Male Voice To female During On Call

1.Voice Changer App

The good news is that you can use voice changer apps to change your voice from male to female during a phone call or while recording. Some apps record your voice first and then change the gender and such apps have seen many, while others translate the voice in real time. These apps not only change your voice but have many great features, they can translate all emotions from male voice to female voice. It gives you a chance to spend fun time trying out different sounds and you can really enjoy it. So, download voice changer apps from PlayStore and AppStore and you can also from below link, edit your voice, and have some fun listening to the edited voice. And see your voice now. how is she

2. Try Text To Speech Sites

Another best and easiest way to change your voice into a female voice is to try text-to-speech websites on the internet. As the name suggests, you just need to enter the text for which you want to get audio and increase the volume of your computer. Make a call, type in the text of whatever you want to say in a female voice, and press play.

3.Non-digital methods

Well, it’s not a very popular option but you’re tired of seeing so many apps, but you’ve heard of the sound-altering effect of helium. Well, you need to inhale helium to make your voice louder so that you can hear your voice better and get the sound you want to achieve. Speak normally while holding a helium balloon. It only gives you 5-10 seconds to change your voice which is very short, so you have to inhale small amounts of helium every few seconds to use the same loud voice. Your voice will be recorded Result: There are several ways you can change your voice from male to female voice that you can learn to change your voice to a girl voice, but nothing works as well as the voice changer app. If you don’t want to be caught using this function or think like that, download Voice Changer app on your phone and change your voice to female voice in simple steps.

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