He saw my WhatsApp status, but I can’t see his name in the seen list. Why?

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We could talk all day about the amazing features of WhatsApp but now we have another case someone has seen your WhatsApp status but you can’t see it in your audience list why is this happening? Is it a bug or any features well you just have to read to know about it

Someone saw your WhatsApp status but it didn’t show in your list, why?

So let’s answer this question why can’t you see someone’s name in your whatsapp status viewer list even though they have seen your status, the answer is that they have closed their read receipts. which enable them to view statuses without displaying them in the viewer list

Read receipts on WhatsApp can be said to be one of the most controversial features although no one can argue its apparent usefulness but in a few cases it has created more problems than it has solved.

Before we can explain what a problem it can be if someone saw your status and you didn’t even know it, you first need to know what it entails.

Simply put, read receipts are commonly called blue ticks. When someone opens your chat and sees your messages, they appear with two gray ticks before someone sees just a message. If messages have been sent but not yet delivered to only. It has a gray tick mark.

There are usually plenty of other easy features to determine if the other person has seen your message, but reading receipts in a few chapters often complicates things.

For example, suppose you are out at work in the middle of the day and your friend sends you a meme on WhatsApp. Even though you’ve seen it and found it funny, you can’t answer them definitively at this point.

But your friend doesn’t have any option to let it go so they just assume that you saw their message and read it and leave it as a cold and rude person. Doing so can make them feel sad, neglected, and unimportant

So here it is nobody’s fault but the blame will always fall on you. To avoid such unfair social reviews, you can turn off your read receipts so even if someone sees your message. Read receipts for the other person will be grayed out.

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