How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats on Android and iPhone 2024

Introduction Losing important WhatsApp chat history can be a frustrating experience, especially for businesses that rely on the platform for communication and customer information. Whether you accidentally deleted your messages or didn’t have a backup, there are ways to recover deleted WhatsApp chats on both Android and iPhone devices. In this article, we will explore different methods to retrieve deleted messages without a backup and provide step-by-step instructions for Android and iPhone users.

Checking for Backups

Before diving into the recovery methods, it’s important to check if you have any existing backups on Google Drive or iCloud. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup to verify the date of your previous iCloud backup. On an Android device, make sure you are connected to the Google account and phone number associated with your WhatsApp account and check if a Google Drive backup exists.

Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Chats on Android

Android devices have a built-in local backup feature that can be used to restore deleted WhatsApp chats. Follow these steps:

Locate the WhatsApp directory using the file manager on your Android device.

Select the “Database” folder within the WhatsApp directory.

Choose the WhatsApp backup file you wish to recover from.

Reinstall WhatsApp after uninstalling it from your smartphone.

Verify your phone number.

WhatsApp will scan for backups on your device.

Select “Restore” to retrieve your lost messages.

Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Unlike Android, iPhones do not have an internal backup database for WhatsApp. Therefore, you will need to use third-party data recovery tools to recover deleted WhatsApp data on an iPhone. Here are some popular tools:

EaseUS MobiSaver: Designed specifically for data recovery, EaseUS MobiSaver can help you retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, contacts, and chat histories.It works with Mac and Windows operating systems.

iMyFone D-Back: iMyFone D-Back offers a comprehensive data recovery service for iOS and Android devices, including WhatsApp messages and media. This software allows you to restore your data without any backups.

Dr.Fone: Dr.Fone provides a range of tools for mobile needs, including WhatsApp Transfer and Password Management to Data Recovery. This specialized solution lets you selectively restore the data you need on both iOS and Android devices.

Viewing Deleted Messages within WhatsApp

If a message is deleted by the sender using the “Delete For Everyone” feature, it is impossible to read the deleted message. However, if you have a backup of your chats before the deletion, you can restore the deleted chats from the backup to see what was deleted.


Recovering deleted WhatsApp chats and media is possible if you have backups. It is crucial to regularly backup your WhatsApp chats to avoid losing important messages and media. If you don’t have a backup, there are third-party tools available to help you recover deleted data. Remember to follow the steps provided in this article to recover your deleted WhatsApp chats and media on Android and iPhone devices. Always prioritize backing up your chats to prevent data loss.

Additional Information:

It is recommended to back up your WhatsApp chats regularly to avoid losing important data.

Be cautious when using third-party data recovery tools and ensure you download them from trusted sources.

The methods for recovery may vary depending on the device you are using.

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