Join TikTok’s Creativity Program Beta: Eligibility & How To Apply

As the world of social media continues to expand, platforms like TikTok are introducing innovative ways to engage and reward their users. Recently, TikTok announced the launch of its Creativity Program Beta, a new initiative designed to enhance content creation and monetization for creators. This article delves into all aspects of the program, from eligibility criteria to the application process.

A Closer Look at TikTok’s Creativity Program Beta

Launched in early 2023, the TikTok Creativity Program Beta aims to address some of the issues that creators faced with the previous TikTok Creator Fund. This new program promises more competitive compensation and innovative ways for creators to monetize their content.

TikTok’s Creativity Program offers creators the opportunity to earn up to 20% more than they did through the previous fund.

While the potential for increased income is still being evaluated, the initial response from creators has been positive.

Eligibility Criteria for TikTok’s Creativity Program Beta

The TikTok Creativity Program is set to be accessible to all content creators in the coming months. However, in order to be eligible, creators must fulfil the following requirements:

Must be at least 18 years old

Must meet minimum follower and video requirements

Must maintain good standing on the platform

Although TikTok hasn’t explicitly stated the follower and video requirements yet, they are expected to be more stringent than those of the Creator Fund.

Contrasting the TikTok Creator Fund and Creativity Program

The eligibility criteria for both the TikTok Creator Fund and the Creativity Program are similar. However, the Creativity Program introduces a new rule for monetizing content: videos must be longer than one minute.

Remember: Once a user switches from the Creator Fund to the Creativity Program, they cannot switch back.

Applying for the TikTok Creativity Program Beta

Although TikTok hasn’t yet provided a detailed process for applying to the Creativity Program Beta, it has mentioned that applications will open in the coming months. Creators already enrolled in the TikTok Creator Fund will be given the opportunity to switch to the Creativity Program Beta.

Tip: Continue to build your following and create engaging content in the meantime.

Expectations for the Future of the TikTok Creativity Program

While it’s still early days for the TikTok Creativity Program Beta, it’s anticipated that the program will expand to other areas soon. As competition from other platforms intensifies, TikTok is continually looking for ways to attract and retain content creators.


With the introduction of its Creativity Program Beta, TikTok continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting and rewarding content creators. This program not only offers creators the potential for increased earnings, but also provides more opportunities for creative expression and growth.

Stay tuned for updates on the TikTok Creativity Program Beta.

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