Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps 2024

WhatsApp, being a global messaging platform, offers an entirely different mode of communication, preserving contacts on your mobile device as long as they possess a WhatsApp account. Over the years, the demand for applications to monitor WhatsApp activities, known as WhatsApp tracker applications, has surged.

This article will explore the top five WhatsApp tracking applications of 2024.

Understanding WhatsApp Trackers

The primary components that users typically wish to monitor on WhatsApp are chats, live location, last seen, and online notifications. Traditionally, WhatsApp’s built-in options were used for this purpose. However, the information they provide is often insufficient and unclear. Thus, the need for dedicated WhatsApp tracker applications arose.

At a basic level, a WhatsApp tracker allows monitoring online status and messages, usage, and online activities. The primary objective of a WhatsApp online tracker is to enhance productivity by continuously updating the target user’s daily routine and analyzing it for improvements.

Diving into the Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker Applications of 2024

1. WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

WaStat, a top-tier WhatsApp online tracker, offers online notifications and tracks the time since the user was last seen. It is Android-compatible and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Displays the last seen time online

Sends notifications when the person comes online

Can monitor up to 10 contacts simultaneously

Displays all-time intervals in a convenient timer view

Helps gather and analyze online statistics for the past 30 days

2. Chat Track Online Tracker

The Chat Track Online Tracker is another excellent WhatsApp online tracker application. It monitors online notifications and last seen. Belonging to the free category of productivity apps, it also sends instant alerts to monitor parental activity with 24/7 coverage.


Checks last seen status

Provides a comprehensive report on the online time usage of employees and children

Sends both offline and online notifications

3. Whatster Screen Time Tracker

Whatster ScreenTime Tracker is an application-based tracker in the category of productivity. It allows tracking online activities and notifications simultaneously. It also tracks other social media and online messengers.


Controls productivity

Provides daily, hourly, and detailed weekly reports

Offers 24/7 customer support in-app to facilitate app use

Can track online status for up to 10 numbers

Offers a free app update to improve performance

Has a simple and intuitive user interface

Provides unlimited notifications

Features AI-powered photo suggestion capabilities

4. ChatWatch

ChatWatch utilizes data from WhatsApp, most notably online notifications and the time since last seen, to track activity. The data can be used to estimate or tell certain things about what is known about the target user, such as how frequently they use the app.


Sends instant notification whenever the target user comes online or logs in late at night

Provides a complete timeline that allows tracking online time and last seen accurately

Provides insight into the amount of sleeping time the target user gets each day

5. Whatster Screen Time Tracker

Whatster Screen Time Tracker is an application-based tracker categorized under productivity. It has the ability to concurrently track alerts and online activity.


Controls productivity

Provides hourly, daily, and more in-depth weekly reports

Offers 24/7 customer support within the app

Allows tracking online status for more than 10 numbers

Offers a free app upgrade to improve performance

Has an easy and intuitive interface

Provides unlimited notifications

Features AI-based photo suggestion capabilities

In conclusion, these WhatsApp tracker applications provide a convenient way to monitor online activities, enhancing productivity by providing detailed insights. Never forget to use these tools sensibly and morally.

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